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Meerkat Experience + 1 Day Admission

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【Meerkat observation experience tour + 1 Day Admission】

•Inclusive of one 1 day ticket to Leofoo Village Theme Park, and Meerkat observation experience tour once(40mins)

•The voucher is valid from now to 2022-06-30.

•The package includes entry to Leofoo Village and the zoo (African Safari).

•For safety concerns, the experience tour is not suitable for children under the age of 6 and requires children under 15 to be accompanied by an adult.

•Meerkat observation experience tour and 1 day ticket are required to be used on the same day.

•The ticket is only for non-Taiwanese passport holders.

•Digital orders are normally delivered to the email address you have entered. 

•Show your email or the ticket’s QR code with your passport for admission and redeem your ticket at the Guest Service Center. 

※Guest Service Center is located next to the ticketing window.


The “Meerkat Family” has arrived in Leofoo Resort Guanshi! Come and see these “desert elves” who love to hug each other. We have designed an ecological demonstration field within the lemur island according to habits of meerkats. With a combination of educational purpose and fun, we have designed an “interactive experience with meerkats”, the first of its kind in Taiwan.

You can join the meerkat weighing training to get an intimate look at them. The entire program is designed with a simulation of what conservationists do, allowing guests to have more lively and varied approaches to observing animals.

Since the original habitat where they came from, South Africa, has a desert climate, with great temperature difference between day and night, the whole family of meerkats would gather around, hug each other, and comb each other’s hairs every day when they get up or go to sleep inside the tunnel at dusk.

All family members like to encourage and take care of each other. It would be no surprise that they are called the animals that like hugs the most in the world.

Some meerkats would stand at high grounds and act as sentinels while other meerkats forage for food or play around. Once predators are spotted, the sentinels would call out alarmingly, prompting other family members to scurry back to their burrows for safety.

【Important Notice】

•You have to make a reservation before 7 days.

Reservation Phone:+886-3-547-5365 # 2952 Mailbox:[email protected]

•Activity Departure Hours: 11:15,15:15  (max. 8 participants for each session)

※The activity might be cancelled on rainy days.

•The activity is not suitable for children under the age of six.

•Confirm your booking information at the Guest Service Center 30 minutes before the booked session.

Step One- Getting to Know the Meerkats

Step Two-Visiting the Meerkat’s Family

◎Scientific name::Suricata suricatta

◎English name: Meerkat

◎Distribution: Kalahari Desert, South Africa


Small-sized nocturnal animals with black patches around the eyes, which act like sunglasses, allowing meerkats to see clearly under the bright sun as well as looking directly at the sun. Their tails are thin and long, allowing them to stand on their feet and maintain balance when they run fast. The tail end is black. The black small, crescent-shaped ears can be closed when meerkats dig burrows so that dirt does not get into their ears.

◎Body size:

On average, a male meerkat weighs about 731 grams while a female weighs 720 grams. The body length is between 25 to 35 cm, and tail length between 17m to 25 cm.


They mostly feed on insects. Scorpions are their favorite, but meerkats also eat crickets, cockroaches, lizards, snakes, spiders, plants, eggs, and small mammals. Since they do not store fats inside their bodies, they must actively hunt for food every day in order to maintain their energy.


Valid only during normal operating hours. Parks, attractions, or entertainment may: close due to refurbishing, capacity, weather, special events, or change of the operating hours. Additional restrictions may apply and benefits are subject to change without notice.

Ticket Contents:

1.Inclusive of one 1 Day Ticket and Meerkat

Observation, only for non-Taiwanese passport holders

tickets are required to be used on the same day.

2.The voucher is valid from now to 2022-06-30.

3.You have to make a reservation before 7 days,

Activity Departure Hours: 11:15,15:15

4.The show is not suitable for children under 6.

5.Redeem your ticket at Guest Service Center

30 minutes before the booked session.

6.If your voucher has been exceeded the validity of

the special offer period, the balance between the

original price and special package shall be further