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Adventure to Beast Island+ 1 Day Admission

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Product Details:

Adventure to Beast Island+ 1 Day Admission

•Inclusive Of One 1 day ticket to Leofoo Village Theme Park, and Adventure to Beast Island once(60mins)

•The voucher is valid from now to 2021-06-30

•The package includes entry to Leofoo Village and zoo

•Adventure to Beast Island not suitable for child under the age of six and requires child under 12 to be accompanied by an adult

•Adventure to Beast Island and 1 day ticket are required to be used at the same day

•only for Non-Taiwanese passport holders

•Digital orders are normally delivered to the email address you have entered. 

•Show your email or Ticket’s QRcode with your passport for admission and redeem your ticket at Guest Service Center. 

※Guest Service Center is located next to the ticketing window.




Do you want to experience first-hand the fear for being surrounded by ferocious animals?

We welcome you to sign up for Taiwan's exclusive experience activity – "Ferocious Animal Caged Car."

This is an all-new, shocking first-hand experience with ferocious animals that you should have once in a lifetime.

Have "Zero degree" contact with ferocious animals. Imagine the tough, black bear lying adorably above the car. Experience what it feels like to be stared down by tigers.

You can personally feed the naughty baboons, and feel the lions' deep roar and the thrill of them hunting for food. This is a unique experience for the senses!



The activity is 60 minutes long. Since the animals have limited food quota, so each session will have a participant quot. Please remember to reserve in advance!

【Important Notice】

•You have to make a reservation before 7 days.

Reservation Phone:+886-3-547-5365 # 2952   Mailbox:[email protected]

•Activity Departure Hours: 10:00, 11:10, 13:10, 14:20

 (max. 12 participants for each session)

※The show is closed on every Wednesday and during raining days

•The show not suitable for children under the age of ten, senior citizens over 70 years old, pregnant women and persons with cardiovascular conditions

•Meet up at the Guest Service Center 45 minutes before the booked session



【Adventure to Beast Island】


You can explore more information about Leofoo Village here.


Valid only during normal operating hours. Parks, attractions, or entertainment may: close due to refurbishing, capacity, weather or special events; change operating hours.Additional restrictions may apply and benefits are subject to change without notice.

Ticket Contents:

1.Inclusive Of One 1 Day Pass and Adventure to

Beast Island,Only for Non-Taiwanese passport holder

tickets are required to be used at the same day

2.The voucher is valid to 2021-06-30

3.ActivityDepartureHours: 10:00, 11:10, 13:10, 14:20

The show is closed on every Wednesday&during raining

4.The show not suitable for children under the age10

over 70 years old, pregnant and with cardiovascular

5.Redeem ticket at Service Center.

6.If voucher has been exceeded the balance between

original price be further collected.

7.You have to make a reservation before 7 days,

+886-3-5475365 # 2952Mail:[email protected]