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  • Member must be a nature individual with full legal capability. If member is a minor, such member is not allowed to use or continue to use Service unless such member's parents (statutory representative) have read, understood and agreed all terms of this Terms of Service as well as all subsequent modifications and changes. Member's use of any Service will be deemed as that such member's parents (statutory representative) have read, understood and agreed all terms of this Terms of Service as well as all subsequent modifications and changes.
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Park's Privacy Poliy

Member's registration information and other specified information will be protected and regulated subject to Park's Privacy Policy.

Basic Agreements

  • If your pin number or account number has be misused or encountered other security problem. You will inform Park immediately.
  • You will terminate the use of your account name every time when you finished your connection.
  • Your account name, pin number and member’s privilege are provided for your personal use and enjoyment only that cannot be transferred, offered to use or assigned to any third party, or to be used collectively with any third party.
  • You are responsible for the maintenance of confidentiality and safety of your pin number and account name. You agree that if your pin number and/or account name shall be misused, misappropriated or encountered any other safety problem, the Park will upon receipt of your notice immediately suspend process of transaction initiated from such account name and suspend subsequent use of such account name.
  • All contents, literature and drawing illustrations, sample demonstration and other selling information on posters browsed by you on Park’s Website are designed and submitted by each their promotional dealers and merchandise or service vendors. Member shall at his or her own discretion refer and judge accuracy and creditability of such posters. The Park publishes poster by consignment only so the Park provides no guarantee for such poster.
  • The Park will share your personal information to third party for following collective use.
    • To allow the Park, merchandise provider, transporter and service/merchandise vendor to deliver, return or swap service and/or merchandise ordered by yous.
    • In order to provide you with other services and/or benefit privileges (such as coupons or special offer certificate) offered by third party service and/or benefit provider, share and use of your personal information might be necessary. In such case this Website will provide sufficient explanations on each such event or promotional webpage and notify you before collection of your personal information. You are free to determine acceptance or denial to such service or benefit.
    • In case a judicial unit is requesting the Park to publish certain personal information due to public safety reason, the Park will provide possible and necessary cooperation subject to the due and legitimate official process of the judicial unit as well as safety consideration of all users of both the Park and Website.
    • If any person has likely breached this Terms of Service or has likely damaged or obstructed the rights and interests of the Park, Park’s user or the related third party, and it is deemed by Park that disclose of certain information is necessary for identification of, contact or initiate legal action against the suspecting wrongdoer, the Park may disclose personal information of such suspecting wrongdoer. In addition to the foregoing, the Park may disclose or access user’s personal information if the Park believes in good faith that such disclosure is required by law or such access is for management or other purpose relating to maintenance and improvements of merchandise and service.

Purchase and Other Transaction

Cooperating Vendors of this Website may provide and process merchandise purchase, service and other transactional activities through this Website and other websites linked with this Website. Transactions between you and such vendor is only existed and effected between you and the vendor. You shall request the vendor to provide detail illustrations regarding the merchandise, service and the quality, contents, transportation, warranty and guaranty of transaction object. If any dispute relating to the purchase, service and/or other transactional activities shall arise, you shall seek relief or resolution against such vendor. The Park hereby represents and warrants that it will not intervene the purchase, service and/or other transactional activities, nor assumes any warranty liability for the merchandise, service or other transactional object acquired by you. If you are processing purchase, acquiring service or processing other transactional activities with the Park, terms of such process and acquirement shall be subjected to content of liability agreement of this Website.

Change of Service Contents; Delivery of E-paper and EDM

  • You agree that within the range of this Website provided by Park, items and contents of related services can be added, eliminated, changed or terminated without personal notification.
  • You agree that Park may deliver e-paper and EDM to the email address registered by member from time to time. If you refuse to accept promotion upon receipt of our e-paper or EDM, the Park will terminate delivery of promotional information to you.

Suspension and Break of Service

The Park will use general reasonable technology and method to maintain normal operation of its systems and services. Provided if either of the followings shall occur the Park may suspend or break the Service.

  • Necessary maintenance and construction of electrical communication equipment of this Website.
  • Periodical maintenance, removal, replacement, upgrade or service of this Website.
  • Accidental malfunction of electrical communication equipment.
  • Electrical communication service applied by this Website has been stopped that consequentially results inability of rendering service.
  • Acts of God or other factors not attributable to the Park that results inability of rendering service.

Liability Limitation and Exemption

  • All functions provided by this Website are provided AS IS and the Park provides and assumes no express and implied warranty as to such functions’ effect, speed, completeness, reliability, safety and accuracy.
  • he Park does not warrant that [(i)] all emails and their contents transmitted by webpages of this Website, servers or internet will not be inclusive of virus and/or other dangerous contents; [(ii)] the transmission and storage of all emails, files or data will be accurate without disconnection or mistake. The Park assumes no liability regarding the damage resulted by failure, lost or mistake of the transmission or storage of emails, files or data.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

  • All software and programs used by Park as well as all contents of this Website, including without limitation, their copyrights, photos, files, information, data, web architecture, arrangement of web screen image, webpage design and other intellectual property rights such as trademark right, patent right, copyright, trade secret and proprietary right thereto are legally owned and/or possessed by the Park and other right owner that cannot be used, modified, reproduced, broadcasted, adapted, circumvented, published, publicly launched, reverse engineering, decompiled or disassembled. If you wish to quote or reproduce the software, programs or webpages above, you shall legally acquire prior written consent of the Park or the right owner. Member is obliged to respect intellectual property rights. A member who breaches such obligation shall be liable to the damage suffered by the Park (including without limitation, court fees and attorney fees).
  • Under the principle of respecting intellectual property rights of the others, member agree that he or she will not infringe intellectual property rights of the others while using Service of the Park.
  • In the event an infringement shall be suspected committed by a member, the Park may suspend all or part of the Service or cancel account of such member directly.
  • If you have discovered any infringement relating to your intellectual property rights, please provide details of such infringement, your contact information as well as a representation of true statement and ownership of legal rights of the intellectual property rights, then deliver all such information to the Park by following contact information: send email to [email protected].

Special Authorization

In considering that the use of all network transaction or event provided by this Website might only be delivered or returned with merchandise (or gift) through home delivery service provider or transporter, you agree and authorize Park may according to the requirement and purpose of such network transaction or event provide your personal information (such as receiver’s name, delivery address and contact numbers) that has been provided by you and essential for the delivery to home delivery service provider or transporter for delivery and return of the merchandise (or gift).

Denial or Termination of Use

You agree that Park may based on considerations of network safety and for any reason including, without limitation, rare use or breach to express terms and spirits of this Terms of Service terminate your pin number, account name (or any part thereof) or your use of this Website, and/or remove or delete “contents of member” from this Website. In addition to the foregoing, the Park may after notification terminate all or part of this Website. You agree that if the use of this Website shall be terminated, the Park and any third party will have no liabilities for such termination.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Interpretations and application of this Terms of Service, and disputes relating to this Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China and Taipei District Court of Taiwan shall have the jurisdiction of first trial for such interpretation, application and disputes.

六福村主題遊樂園會員中心 -- 服務條款



  • 六福開發股份有限公司係依據本服務條款提供六福村主題遊樂園會員中心(https://leofoo.ticketeasy.com.tw/)服務 (以下簡稱「本網站」)。當您開始使用本網站時,即表示已閱讀、瞭解並同意接受本服務條款之所有內容,並完全接受本服務現有與未來衍生的服務項目及內容。六福村主題遊樂園有權於任何時間修改或變更本服務條款之內容,修改後的服務條款內容將公佈網站上,六福村主題遊樂園將不會個別通知您,建議您隨時注意該等修改或變更。您於任何修改或變更後繼續使用本服務時,視為您已閱讀、瞭解並同意接受該等修改或變更。若不同意上述的服務條款修訂或更新方式,或不接受本服務條款的其他任一約定,您應立即停止使用本網站。
  • 若您為未滿二十歲之未成年人,應於您的家長(或監護人)閱讀、瞭解並同意本約定書之所有內容及其後修改變更後,方得使用或繼續使用本網站。當您使用或繼續使用六福村主題遊樂園時,即確定您的家長(或監護人)已閱讀、瞭解並同意接受本約定書之所有內容及其後修改變更。
  • 您同意使用本網站之所有內容包括意思表示等,皆以電子文件為表示方式。
    • 您可以隨時透過登入本網站之方式,更新您所留存於本網站之資料。
    • 當您透過六福村主題遊樂園服務時,就表示你同意接受我們的服務條款,亦請一併參照隱私權政策。


  • 六福村主題遊樂園為一提供會員訂購服務之網路,在使用六福村主題遊樂園提供的服務時,您應遵守中華民國法令及一切國際條約與慣例。當您在使用設立於台灣地區以外之網站時,亦應遵守各該網站當地之法令及網路慣例。在網路上從事的一切行為,應自行負全部的法律責任,與六福村主題遊樂園無涉。若您透過六福村主題遊樂園提供的服務侵害六福村主題遊樂園或第三人的權利,或從事其他不法行為,六福村主題遊樂園將停止提供對您的服務,並依情形移送檢警機關依法偵辦。
  • 會員必須是具備完全行為能力的自然人。若會員為未成年人,應由其法定代理人閱讀、暸解、並同意會員合約之所有約定內容及其修改後之內容,始得開始使用或繼續使用本服務;如會員開始使用或繼續使用本服務,即推定其法定代理人已閱讀、暸解、並同意會員合約之所有約定內容及其修改後之內容。
  • 完成本網站的註冊程序之後,您將收到一個密碼及帳號。維持密碼及帳號的機密安全,是您的責任。 利用該密碼及帳號及身份證字號所進行的一切行動,您將負完全的責任。
  • 會員應擔保其所提供的所有資料,均為正確且即時的資料,且不得以第三人之名義註冊為會員;如會員所提供的資料事後有變更,會員應即時更新其資料。如會員未即時提供資料、未按指定方式提供資料、所提供之資料不正確或與事實不符、或未即時更新資料,六福村主題遊樂園得不經事先通知,隨時拒絕、或暫停對該會員提供本服務之全部或一部。




  • 您的密碼或帳號遭到盜用或有其他任何安全問題發生時,會員將立即通知六福村主題遊樂園。
  • 每次連線完畢,均結束您的帳號使用。
  • 您的帳號、密碼及會員權益均僅供您個人使用及享有,不得轉借、轉讓他人或與他人合用。
  • 請自負維持密碼及帳號的機密安全之責任。並同意密碼或帳號遭到冒用、盜用或有其他任何安全問題發生時,經通知六福村主題遊樂園後,六福村主題遊樂園依法將立即暫停該帳號所生之交易之處理及後續利用。
  • 您在六福村主題遊樂園上瀏覽到的所有廣告內容、文字與圖片之說明、展示樣品或其他銷售資訊,均由各該廣告商、產品與服務的供應商所設計與提出,對於廣告之正確性與可信度應自行斟酌與判斷。六福村主題遊樂園僅接受委託予以刊登,不對前述廣告負擔保責任。
  • 六福村主題遊樂園將會與第三者共用您的個人資料。
    • 以便六福村主題遊樂園、出貨廠商、物流廠商及服務/商品提供廠商按您所訂購之服務或商品進行送退換貨。
    • 為了提供您其他服務或優惠權益(例如折價券或優惠兌換券),需要與提供該服務或優惠商品之第三者共用您的資料時,本網站會在各活動或行銷網頁上提供充分說明,並且在資料蒐集之前通知您,您可以自由選擇是否接受這項特定服務或優惠。
    • 司法單位因公眾安全,要求六福村主題遊樂園公開特定個人資料時,六福村主題遊樂園將視司法單位合法正式的程序,以及對六福村主題遊樂園所有使用者安全考量下做可能必要的配合。
    • 當有人可能違反六福村主題遊樂園服務條款,或者可能損害或妨礙六福村主題遊樂園、六福村主題遊樂園網站使用者或相關第三人之權益時,若六福村主題遊樂園有理由相信揭露此資料係為辨識、連絡或對該人採取法律行動所必要者,六福村主題遊樂園得揭露使用者之個人資料。此外,基於善意相信揭露為法律需要,或為維護和改進產品、服務而用於管理或其他目的時,六福村主題遊樂園亦得揭露或讀取使用者之個人資料。


本網站合作廠商可能透過本服務或經由六福村主題遊樂園連結之其他網站提供商品買賣、服務或其他交易行為。您若因此與該等商店或個人進行交易,各該買賣或其他合約均僅存在您與各該商店或個人兩造之間。 您應要求各該商店或個人,就其商品、服務或其他交易標的物之品質、內容、運送、保證事項與瑕疵擔保責任等,事先詳細闡釋與說明。您因前述買賣、服務或其他交易行為所產生之爭執,應向各該商商或個人尋求救濟或解決之道。 六福村主題遊樂園聲明絕不介入您與商店或個人間的任何買賣、服務或其他交易行為,對於您所獲得的商品、服務或其他交易標的物亦不負任何擔保責任。 您若係向六福村主題遊樂園進行前述買賣、服務或其他交易行為,雙方權利義務將另行依據該網站之責任規範約定書內容決定之。


  • 您同意六福村主題遊樂園所提供本網站之範圍,六福村主題遊樂園均得視業務需要及實際情形,增減、變更或終止相關服務的項目或內容,且無需個別通知您。
  • 您同意六福村主題遊樂園得不定期發送電子報或商品訊息(EDM)至會員所登錄的電子信箱帳號。當您收到訊息後表示拒絕接受行銷時,六福村主題遊樂園將停止繼續發送行銷訊息。



  • 本網站電子通信設備進行必要之保養及施工時。
  • 本網站因進行例行性維護、搬遷、更換、升級、或維修。
  • 發生突發性之電子通信設備故障時。
  • 本網站申請之電子通信服務被停止,無法提供服務時。
  • 由於天災等不可抗力之因素或其他不可歸責於六福村主題遊樂園之因素致使本網站無法提供服務時。


  • 本網站所提供之各項功能,均依該功能當時之現況提供使用,六福村主題遊樂園對於其效能、速度、完整性、可靠性、安全性、正確性等,皆不負擔任何明示或默示之擔保責任。
  • 六福村主題遊樂園並不保證本網站之網頁、伺服器、網域等所傳送的電子郵件或其內容不會含有電腦病毒等有害物;亦不保證郵件、檔案或資料之傳輸儲存均正確無誤不會斷線和出錯等,因郵件、檔案或資料傳送或儲存失敗、遺失或錯誤等所致之損害,六福村主題遊樂園不負賠償責任。


  • 六福村主題遊樂園所使用之軟體或程式、網站上所有內容,包括但不限於著作、圖片、檔案、資訊、資料、網站架構、網站畫面的安排、網頁設計,均由六福村主題遊樂園或其他權利人依法擁有其智慧財產權,包括但不限於商標權、專利權、著作權、營業秘密與專有技術等。任何人不得逕自使用、修改、重製、公開播送、改作、散布、發行、公開發表、進行還原工程、解編或反向組譯。若您欲引用或轉載前述軟體、程式或網站內容,必須依法取得六福村主題遊樂園或其他權利人的事前書面同意。尊重智慧財產權是會員應盡的義務,如有違反,會員應對六福村主題遊樂園負損害賠償責任(包括但不限於訴訟費用及律師費用等)。
  • 在尊重他人智慧財產權之原則下,會員同意在使用六福村主題遊樂園之服務時,不作侵害他人智慧財產權之行為。
  • 若會員有涉及侵權之情事,六福村主題遊樂園可暫停全部或部份之服務,或逕自以取消您帳號之方式處理。
  • 若有發現智慧財產權遭侵害之情事,請將所遭侵權之情形及聯絡方式,並附具真實陳述及擁有合法智慧財產權之聲明,以下列方式聯絡六福村主題遊樂園: 以電子郵件(E-mail)寄送至:[email protected]